A Practical Nurse

Health Content Writer

Your message written understandably and on time



I write health marketing content from the perspective of a nurse. I write your information in a patient-centric, practical and imaginable way.

Why hire a nurse to write?

Because of my clinical experience

Your Marketing


Do you really have time to research and write the articles you need for your marketing formats? That is what I do, and all I do. I love doing the research, and will write to your specifications and fulfill your copy needs.


I have practical experience talking with patients and families.  I know the questions they ask, what they need, and what they respond to.


your content will be accurate and presented in an understandable, down-to-earth coherent way that will engender confidence in you and your brand.



Through formal medical associations and my own experience I have access to experts, or I know how to find them.  I can evaluation sources and identify interview subjects (you will always have approval of those sources, of course). Because of my education I know how to locate original research and clinical studies.  Confident in my background, I can weed out legitimate authorities from sketchy sources.  I still own my textbooks and manuals for reference.



I know how your product or service works, what the problems and solutions are, and can offer the whole picture in a way that your customer will comprehend and trust.


Teaching and explaining are a large part of nursing.  I've seen how your audience responds to information in a clinical setting.  I can anticipate their questions and concerns and assure them in a way that your brand will stand out.


Let me help you with your content needs.  I will create content that is factual and will promote understanding and instill trust.